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Oscilent News
Oscilent Introduces New "Chip-Type" Crystals

Oscilent has announced the introduction of a new low-cost Quartz Crystal in a 5x7mm package size. The new product introduction is available in two package versions incorporating either a two pad Quartz Crystal or four pad Quartz Crystal package. The Oscilent Series Numbers are 264 and 265.

The product is aimed at reducing manufacturing costs of typical 5x7mm ceramic packages by reducing materials and labor costs. This goal was successfully realized by eliminating the seam-sealed (or glass-sealed) lid attachment process entirely, and incorporating the device into a true ceramic-based package.

surface mount quartz crystal chip-type

Depending on production quantities, frequency, and electrical parameters, the new low cost replacement to industry standard products utilizing a metal lid in the manufacturing process (see Oscilent Series 274 Quartz Crystal for example), the cost reduction expectations are 15% to 25%.

Since the manufacturing process of the new Oscilent 264 and 265 Series limits the ability to designate more aggressive Stability and Temperature options in the customer development stage, all other industry standard packages remain in full production at Oscilent Corporation and will not be effected. Please reference the complete Quartz Crystal Product offering for more design options.

For more information regarding the technical aspects of Oscilent 264 and 265 Series Quartz Crystals, or to learn how the device may help reduce your materials costs, please visit, or contact Oscilent Sales Associate for details at

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