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Oscilent Releases Low Cost PECL/LVDS High Frequency Oscillator

Intended for use in 1Gbps/2Gbps/4Gbps Fiber Channel, Host Bus Adapter, Raid Controller, and Fiber Channel Switch applications, Oscilent has partnered with a leading die manufacture to develop a 106.25MHz -212.5MHz Oscillator available in both LVPECL and LVDS Output. The ultra miniature 5x7 mm package is in a seam sealed ceramic 6 pad configuration, and has entered high volume production.

PECL/LVDS Oscillator

With a Phase Jitter of less than 1.0 ps, and tight stability features over an extended Operating Temperature Range of 0-85 Celsius, this product is effective in even the most demanding of applications.

The product family was developed for high performance applications with cost effective production paramount in the design. Oscilent plans to manufacture the device at price points expected to be at least 30% less than price points currently controlling this segment of our market. By utilizing a low noise PLL design, and low Jitter generation VCO, this device offers a unique combination of performance and cost. The Lead Times for volume production are currently running about 5 weeks.

Specifications are available online at by following links to Oscilent Series 920 and 921 under Surface Mount Oscillators, or Contact Oscilent Corporation at 949.252.0522 for inquiries.

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