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Absolute Clock Jitter
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Calibration Tolerance
Capacitance Ratio
Center Frequency
Current Consumption
Drive Level
Enable / Disable Time
Equations (Useful)
Equivalent Circuit
Equivalent Series Resistance / Mode of Oscillation
Fall Time
Frequency Accuracy
Frequency Adjustment
Frequency Control Range
Frequency Linearity
Frequency Pulling Range
Frequency Range
Frequency Tolerance
Frequency Tolerance / Stability Over Temp
Guaranteed Attenuation
Input Current
Input Impedance
Insertion Loss
Insulation Resistance
Internal Capacitance
Load Capacitance
Logic "0" / Logic "1"
Mode of Oscillation
Modulation Bandwidth
Motional Capacitance
Motional Resistance
Nominal Frequency
Operating Temperature
Output Current
Output Impedance
Output Load
Output Logic
Output Symmetry
Output Voltage
Poles (Number of)
Resonant Resistance
Rise Time
Series Vs. Parallel
Shock Resistance
Shunt Capacitance
Standby Current
Start-Up Time
Storage Temperature
Supply Voltage
Temperature Coefficient
Terminating Impedance
Turnover Temperature
Voltage Control
Withstanding Voltage

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