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Please contact Oscilent Corp USA or search this site for Press Releases and/or further information regarding Employment opportunities, Quality Control and Document- ation, and General Corporate Inquires.

Tel : (949) 252-0522

Business :
Oscilent Corporation is a broad line manufacturer of Frequency Control products offering design and production expertise in SAW Filters, Quartz Crystals, Crystal Oscillators, Crystal Filters, and Ceramic Resonators. Our product line includes extensive custom and standard capabilities in Temperature Compensated (TCXO) and Voltage Controlled (VCXO) Oscillators, in addition to full design and development capabilities in each focus product category. Oscilent serves OEM, Design, and Contract Manufacturing customers in all major world development and manufacturing zones.

History :
1990 : Production established in Quartz Crystal and Crystal Filters, Shenzhen, China
1993 : Production established in Oscillator / TCXO / VCXO, Korea
1996 : Factories received ISO-9000 certification
1998 : China factory classified as one of largest Crystal Filters manufacturers in the world
1999 : Oscilent U.S. marketing / Sales office established in Irvine CA
2000 : Addition of SAW Filter manufacturing capability
2000 : SAW Filter Research and Development Center founded
2001 : SAW Filter manufacturing High Technology Products Award received
2001 : Oscilent incorporated as California S Corporation
2002 : Oscilent forms U.S. Engineering Support Group
2002 : Full line of PECL product category introduced in U.S.
2002 : ISO9001 Certification for SAW Filter production
2003 : ISO14001 Certification for SAW Filter production
2007 : TS16949 Certification for SAW Filter production
Oscilent is an approved manufacturer and trusted supplier to some of the largest Original Equipment Manufacturers in North America, Asia, and Europe, including a substantial customer base comprised of Fortune 500 and Multi-National Firms.
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