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Oscilent is one of the ILSI America brands, which also include:

ILSI America Ecliptek MMD
Oscilent Telephone (949) 252-0522
Manufacturer of SAW Filter, Crystal Oscillator, RF Filter, IF SAW Filters,  Quartz Crystal , Ceramic Resonator, TCXO, VCXO, Crystal Filter, Ceramic Filter
Oscilent is a worldwide manufacturer of Frequency Control Devices, which includes a broad base of quality offerings in the SAW Filter , Crystal Oscillator , Ceramic Resonator, and Quartz Crystal product categories. Please visit our Company Pages, or visit our Main Product Pages for a complete line up of our standard SAW Filter, Crystal Oscillator, Ceramic Resonator, RF Filter,and Quartz Crystal products. Our award winning design staff is eager to evaluate and test your custom requirements.

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Oscilent, a division of ILSI America, LLC
Telephone: 1.949.252.0522

5458 Louie Lane
Reno, NV 89511 . USA

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Featured Products and News

SAW Filter

[ view all SAW Filter Products ]
saw filter custom design and development

Build A Custom SAW Filter
Saw Filter custom requirements? Realize your application requirements with Oscilent's Design and Development Engineers

saw filter if for wireless communications

IF SAW Filter for Wireless Communication
Oscilent 360 MHz SAW Filter gains industry perference for Cell Phone Applications.

saw filter wcdma 2140 mhz

WCDMA 2140.0 MHz RF SAW Filter
High performance RF SAW Filter for communication applications.

Crystal Oscillator

[ view all Crystal Oscillator Products ]
crystal oscillator pecl and high frequency lvds

High Frequency PECL Crystal Oscillator and LVDS Crystal Oscillator
Selectable frequency crystal oscillator up to 212.50MHz.

crystal oscillator for small size package application

3x2.5mm Small Package Size Crystal Oscillator
New 3x2.5mm package crystal oscillator with fully selectable Stability, Load Capacitance, etc.

RF Filter

[ view all RF Filter Products ]
RF Filter

Build Custom RF Filters
RF Filter custom requirements? Realize your application requirements with Oscilent's custom RF Filters

RF SAW Filter CDMA 450 Bands RF-Tx and RF-Rx Filters
High performance CDMA RF SAW Filter for communication applications.

Ceramic Resonator

[ view all Ceramic Resonator Products ]
ceramic resonator for small size package and high temperature  designs

Small Package 2.5 x 2.0mm High Temperature Ceramic Resonator
Small package combines with Automotive Temperature Ceramic Resonator.

ceramic resonator surface mount type

Surface Mount "ZTB" Ceramic Resonator
Combines low frequency range ZTB ceramic resonator and small surface mount package.

Ceramic Filter

[ view all Ceramic Filter Products ]
ceramic filter for low cost ceramic surface mount type

Ceramic Filter in 7.0x3.0mm Low Cost SMT Package
Industry Standard SMT version of 10.7 MHz Ceramic Filter

surface mount 450 KHz ceramic filter

Ceramic Filter in 7.5x6.0mm Low Cost SMD Package
450KHz line of Surface Mount 450 KHz Cermic Filters

News from Oscilent

APRIL 3, 2020

Abracon, LLC Provides COVID-19 Response Update

Spicewood, TX –The health and safety of our personnel and partners remains our primary concern as we continue working diligently to deliver uninterrupted service. Abracon has experienced a recent spike in business activity and an increased need to support urgent critical equipment production. Due to the excellent support Abracon receives from its world-class channel partners, the company is well-stocked with global inventory to satisfy customers' production needs and to address any supply chain shortages.

Read Entire Press Release on the Abracon Website

JANUARY 6, 2020

Abracon Acquires ILSI America LLC

Reno, NV – ILSI America LLC, a Market Leader in Frequency Control Products, announces its successful acquisition by Abracon, LLC.

Abracon, LLC (Abracon), a leading global manufacturer of frequency control, timing, synchronization, RF, connectivity, and power component solutions, will continue supporting the ILSI, MMD, Ecliptek and Oscilent brands for new and existing customers.

Abracon and ILSI America share a commitment to applied innovation, agile support and service quality. The two companies will merge business operations under Abracon, LLC to better serve customer and channel partner needs.

"The acquisition supports Abracon's strategy to continue expanding its presence as a leader in the timing and synchronization market," said Abracon CEO Michael Calabria. "ILSI America brings a strong brand recognition and an excellent reputation for service in the electronics industry."

Read Entire Press Release on the Abracon Website


ILSI America, LLC Announces Acquisition of Oscilent Corporation

Reno, NV – ILSI America LLC is pleased to announce the acquisition of Oscilent Corporation.

Oscilent will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of ILSI and will be headquartered in Reno, NV.

The Oscilent brand will continue to be supported for both new and existing customers in the frequency control marketplace without interruption. The transition of ownership to ILSI will be seamless to our valued customer base.

"We believe the Oscilent products will be complimentary to the existing product offering and provide a broader range of solution to our customers as well as our existing brands providing a broader range of solutions to the Oscilent customer base" said Mike Nusbaum, Chairman and CEO of ILSI. "We are excited to add Oscilent to our frequency control solutions family."

ILSI was established in 1987 and Oscilent in 1999, providing many successful years of service, experience and expertise in the Frequency Control Market.

PDF Press Release


Oscilent Expands RF Filter and IF SAW Filter Production Capacity

Oscilent has completed the expansion of it’s state-of-the art production facility for RF Filter and standard SAW Filter manufacturing. The expansion increases production capacity by over 26% overall solidifying Oscilent’s position as the fourth largest SAW Filter production manufacturer in the world.

The investment extended into all aspects of production, including RF Filter and other SAW Filter Engineering capacity. The increase in capacity, and hiring of additional Development Engineers, will further strengthen Oscilent’s ability for quick turnaround samples of standard and custom RF Filter and IF Filter products. The additional Research and Development capacity will lower development costs for custom products, and allow faster turnaround on technical support inquiries from our customer base.

Oscilent is a world-class manufacturer of Frequency Control Products, including an innovative and technologically advanced offering of mobile communication devices, including Duplexer, RF Filter, and IF SAW Filter products. This expertise extends into multimedia (DAB/DMB, CATV, DTV), radio communication (WLAN, WLL, ISM Band, GPS) and satellite & ammunition communication.

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