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ILSI America, LLC Announces Acquisition of Oscilent Corporation

Ceramic Resonator Package Miniaturization

Surface Mount Ceramic Resonator Taping Direction Change

Oscilent Introduces New "Chip-Type" Crystals

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Oscilent Broadens Product Capabilities on Ceramic Filter Products

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Oscilent Broadens SAW Device Web Support


Oscilent News

ILSI America, LLC Announces Acquisition of Oscilent Corporation

Reno, NV – ILSI America LLC is pleased to announce the acquisition of Oscilent Corporation. Oscilent will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of ILSI and will be headquartered in Reno, NV.

The Oscilent brand will continue to be supported for both new and existing customers in the frequency control marketplace without interruption. The transition of ownership to ILSI will be seamless to our valued customer base.

"We believe the Oscilent products will be complimentary to the existing product offering and provide a broader range of solution to our customers as well as our existing brands providing a broader range of solutions to the Oscilent customer base" said Mike Nusbaum, Chairman and CEO of ILSI. "We are excited to add Oscilent to our frequency control solutions family."

ILSI was established in 1987 and Oscilent in 1999, providing many successful years of service, experience and expertise in the Frequency Control Market.

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610 ~ 613 and 620 ~ 623 Ceramic Resonator Package Miniaturization

Oscilent is replacing our 610 ~ 613 and 620 ~ 623 series resonators in the 2.00 ~ 6.00MHz range with a smaller, more reliable package. The new package will have the same electrical characteristics as the previous package.

Below is a comparison between the old and new packages.

For more information regarding the technical aspects of Oscilent 610 ~ 613 and 620 ~ 623 Series Ceramic Resonators, or to learn how the device may help reduce your materials costs, please visit, or contact Oscilent Sales Associate for details at

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For more information about Oscilent Corporation and Oscilent products, call (949) 252-0522 or email

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